Spring Range

Our premium ‘Spring 40’ is both efficient and effective. The Astro turf is composed of fibers varying in length and width for a natural size. Additionally, it is coloured with variable shades of green and brown to replicate the colour scheme of an authentic lawn. Our Spring 40 is ideal for unpredictable weather-prone areas. Smart drainage technology allows the polyethylene fibers to withstand heavy rainfall. In addition, our turf is UV stabilized and contains smart cooling technology. Alike to the sunscreen you apply to your skin, UV stabilizers absorb the dangerous sunrays, dissipating it to small amounts of heat energy.

Due to the potential injuries caused by heat, modern smart cooling technology is implicated for optimized safety. The application of smart cooling technology allows for yearly usage without the fear of turf burns and discomfort caused by heat. Moreover, hosing down turf will keep your lawn clean of mud and stains whilst also acting as a cleaning mechanism.

Small backyard job Diamond Vision Landscapes completed last week. Plan and simple we prepared the base and then rolled out some 40mm spring synthetic grass supplied by Smiling Rock.