Garden Pebbles Perth

Sandy walkways and un-kept garden beds have a huge adverse impact on your property value. If you are looking for materials to lay on top of your sandy walk ways and garden beds, a quick and easy solution is to lay down decorative pebbles.

Natural stone garden pebbles will not fade or deteriorate and resists weathering. It is durable and gives your garden a very natural look with the range of textures and colours on offer. In addition the natural characteristics of garden pebbles are appealing to most and provides a good backdrop for any garden context.

Smiling Rocks supplies a wide range of pebbles that will suit any garden beds throughout Perth’s metropolitan area. Incorporating pebbles into your garden is as easy as following the steps below:

1. Preparation
– You will need sufficient pebbles, weed mat and pegs for the area you plan to have pebbles in. (Weed mat is easily obtainable from Bunnings).
– Ensure existing ground is fairly flat, level and compacted (especially if you’re planning to have stepping stones/pavers)

2. Installation
– Lay weed mat out so that it completely covers the area where pebbles will be, trim to shape of area if needed. Use pegs to secure the edges of the weed mat.
– Open up your bags of pebbles and pour it on.

Now step back and admire your handywork.