With the many companies selling Synthetic grass now, how do you know which synthetic grass to purchase?

With the current water restrictions and everyones busy everyday lives, artificial grass has never been more popular and in more demand than it is now. Hence why countless of different companies and trades are now offering synthetic grass and also installations. As such, you will be getting lots of quotes from different trades to compare and it is very important that you understand what to ask to ensure you are getting a quality artificial grass product and service. The picture describes the last thing you want to happen to your own garden. Therefore as below, we have highlighted the important and detailed information your trades or supplier of fake grass should have.

#1 Beware of low grade yarn/grass

Artificial grass is made with resins that have UV stabilisers. We have seen many synthetic grass suppliers providing low grade resins, that results in artificial grass fading in the span of 1-3 years after installation and in some cases even melting!
With quality certificate assurance from an Australian Quality Control Customs Check, you can expect a service life up to 20 years with Smiling Rock’s Artificial Grass. Keep in mind that when you are buying cheap artificial grass from a company that does not have a long-standing track record, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise. An example would be a company that has only been operating 1-3 years and they are offering 8 year warranty on the synthetic grass, which doesn’t make sense as they haven’t operated long enough to hold on to their promise to their customers of 8 year warranty/guarantee.

Smiling Rock has a proven track record since 2004!

#2 Beware of lead and mercury in Artificial Grass

When Australian health officials discovered lead contaminants in synthetic turf, it caught the attention of many consumers. It put families with kids and pets, individuals and the surroundings at risk. It left them exposed to inhaling or swallowing lead-laced yarn fibres or dusts from playing on the artificial grass. Make sure your astro turf supplier have both certificates for Lead and Mercury Free under the Australian Standards.

#3 Stitching of the Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass when infilled with Silica Sand and brushed up with a power broom, should NOT have print lines. This means when it’s installed properly on it’s final stages, there shouldn’t be any obvious lines from poor quality stitching through the turf. Good quality artificial grass does not have any visible stitch lines. To ensure this, make sure your supplier has a display of a big piece of artificial grass. If you have chosen the path of going with a tradie, then you could ask for their past projects. From the picture references,  you can tell if the product used does not have any visible streaks.

Bottom line: The warranty on the product you receive is only as good as the company providing it. That is why it is essential to purchase  from a reputable company that has a proven track record, in comparison to a company that has only been on the market for one to three years selling a 10 year warranty.

So why choose Smiling Rock?

Since 2004, Smiling Rock has been wholesaling the highest quality synthetic grass. Our synthetic grass products have undergone many years of research and development, including extensive UV, stability and wear resistance testing. Most importantly, here at Smiling Rock, all of our products are guaranteed to last.

Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by settling with the cheaper products; go with the well priced, original and good quality synthetic grass that Smiling Rock provides.