Tips on purchasing quality artificial grass

Every place that you go to will tell you that they have the best quality artificial grass there is, and maybe even a few will tell you horror stories, of customers coming in with terrible samples of synthetic turf at double the price.
Here’s a few things to look for and think about before you buy your artificial grass.

1. Warranty:

If you are offered a 20-year warranty from a shop that is only been open 3 years, beware. Will they still be open in 20 years. By the time 20 years comes, how hard will it be to prove that it is not your fault, but a fault within the product, look at the fine print.

2. Backing:

A rule of thumb is the backing should be black with at least 2-3 layers, with PP written on it. If it doesn’t stay away from it. Another way to check the backing is to see if you can fold your sample in on itself. If you have a sample 20 x 20 you should only be able to fold it in half. If you can fold it tighter your backing is not very thick.

3. Country:

The amount of times I have heard people go on about the place where the grass was made is ridiculous. I actually had one person come into our display area, going through our grasses. When I asked if I could help him, he said which ones where from Australia. I said they were from china, but I could show him all the documentation about the quality. He said Chinese grass, was cheap, and then handed me over a sample of an Australian made artificial turf. It’s sad to say the quality was terrible, it looked like it had thick strips of bright green plastic. If you want to say Chinese synthetic turf is cheap, at least have all the facts.

Our grass is natural looking, strong, and has a guarantee against fading. It also has smart cool and drain technology. The only thing cheap about our artificial turf, is that it is economically priced. The other thing you have to realise is that some companies, will buy the thread from China, make it on a machine in Australia, and say it’s Australian made.

4. What it looks like:

This is totally your decision, do you want it to shine, be a light colour or dark, have a brown curl. Do you want your artificial grass to look natural? Are you more worried about price, then looks? Do you have animals? It’s your choice. So don’t let yourself be talked into something you really don’t want.


* The picture shown is one of the many samples that have been passed on to us.