Thin White Quartz Stack Stone

  • All Natural Stone
  • Weather Proof
  • Handcrafted

Quantity per m2= 11 pcs of 150 x 600 x 12 -20 mm thick 



Thin White Quartz Stack Stone Wall Cladding also known as Stone Veneers and Stone Features are made from all natural stone. They can greatly improve the aesthetics of a home. Using natural stone will create an unrivalled aesthetic, you will find no two stones are the same. You will find they all possess unique rich colour variations and textures. Unlike synthetic or man made stones, it will not deteriorate or fade over time when exposed to rain, sun or wind.

The wall feature will add a pop of colour, textural variety  and immediately add value to a dull home. You can redesign pillars, feature fire places, water features, garden retaining walls or patios, the options are endless. It will add character and personality to your house and garden so you can stand out amongst all the cookie cutter home designs.

We stock them in two options that comes down to preference: Dry stone and Stacked stone

Dry stone are heavier, have raw edges and form that replicate the shapes of real stones. They come attached with a mesh backing.

Stack stone are machine cut for straight edges to create a pristine, clean and symmetrical look.

Thin White Quartz Stack Stone Panel Size:
(11pcs to 1 sqm)
Thickness: 10-20mm

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