Putting Green $18 sqm

UV Stabilised
Built for High Impact Activity
Gym & Sports Friendly
Lead & Mercury Free
Smart Drainage
Non Shine

Roll Size:
4 m X 25 m (100 m2) 10 -12 mm
2 m X 25 m (50m2)13 – 14 mm



Sports Ready – Putting Green is the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor sporting environments, health clubs  or functional training spaces like a gym, golf course or soccer ground. They are easier to run on than rubber floors, making it great for speed and agility work. It softens the impact of falls with a padding underlay, reducing the shock to ankles, knees and hips. It also reduces the noise and echo level by absorbing sound through the grass fibres.

High Impact – Putting green is one of Smiling Rock’s toughest turf with strong interlocking fibres and a durable backing. It is designed to withstand all kinds of high impact sporting activities and still look top notch. It’s hardwearing nature is safe for  athletic activities like sled pushing, bike riding, weight lifting, resistance training, bowling etc. You will not see it develop tears or holes from equipment and sporting usage.

Smart Drain Technology: Proprietary design ensures all rain water, dirt and mud drain from your mat making cleaning a breeze. Just hose-down your artificial turf and it will be ready to use again in seconds. Your synthetic grass mat will not get stained like common fabric mats resulting in hassle free cleaning every time!

Eye Catching Appearance – The green will brighten up and energise any training facility. It will provide superior aesthetics that outweigh the look of rubber floors.

High Quality & Non-Toxic: We always choose the best materials for our remarkable Astro Turf, making sure they are non-toxic. This way your sporting facility will remain as good as new for many years, guaranteed to last 8 years and even more with proper maintenance. The colour will stay vibrant, the yarn will not flatten and your turf will not develop stripes in its appearance like many cheaper alternatives.

DIY Friendly: Easy installation, cleaning and maintenance. Easily cut to fit your exact requirements

Kids & Pet Friendly: Smiling Rock artificial grass comply with all Australian Standards, tested to be 100% Non toxic and ensure there are no traces of lead. Material is soft to impact, and pet urine can be easily hosed down.

Roll Size:
4 m X 25m x 10 mm to 12 mm thick  =100 sq m x $18 =$1800

2 m x 25 m x 14 mm thick = 50 sq m x $18 sq m = $900

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