New Spring 40mm (Everyday Home)

UV Stabilised
Smart Cool Technology
Smart Drain Technology
Lead & Mercury Free
Natural Look & Feel
High Traffic & Non Shine

Quantity per m2:


Roll Size:
3.75 m x 20 m rolls @ 75 sq m



New Spring 40mm Artificial Grass is our thick and fresh green turf range that is suited to both front and backyard.

Smart Drain Technology: Proprietary design ensures all rain water, dirt and mud drain from your mat making cleaning a breeze. Just hose-down your artificial turf and it will be ready to use again in seconds. Your synthetic grass mat will not get stained like common fabric mats resulting in hassle free cleaning every time!


No More Dirt: Extra-long artificial grass strands ensure perfectly clean shoes every time you enter your home, this includes no more muddy paw prints from your pets.

Eye Catching Appearance – Individual yarns carefully pieced together to mimic the realistic look and feel of real grass. Smiling Rock artificial grass feature a 4 tone color and pattern design.

High Quality & Non-Toxic: We always choose the best materials for our remarkable Astro Turf, making sure they are non-toxic. This way your backyard will remain as good as new for many years, guaranteed to last 8 years and even more with proper maintenance. The colour will stay vibrant, the yarn will not flatten and your turf will not develop stripes in its appearance like many cheaper alternatives.

DIY Friendly: Easy installation, cleaning and maintenance. Easily cut to fit your exact requirements

Kids & Pet Friendly: Smiling Rock artificial grass comply with all Australian Standards, tested to be 100% Non toxic and ensure there are no traces of lead. Material is soft to impact, and pet urine can be easily hosed down.

Family and Pet Friendly Synthetic Turf; Non Fade Artificial Grass; Realistic Look and Feel Artificial Grass

Pile Height: 40mm
Stitch Rate: 3/8″,18/10cm
DOUBLE STRENGTH! Backing Material: PE&PP8800
Straight yarn: Emerald Green+Olive Green
Curly yarn: Green+Brown



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