Green Coral Rocks


  • Fish Tank / Fish Pond
  • Aquascaping Gem!
  • Aquarium Stone
  • All Natural Stone
  • Hand Picked

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Bonsai Rocks/ Aquarium Gravel
Fish Tank Rocks / Fish Pond Stones / Aquascaping Gem!

Green Coral  Rocks are all natural stones that can be used in all sorts of landscaping and Aquarium projects. The Rocks are low maintenance garden application that can create a stunning design and aesthetics for your landscape. They do not need watering, fertilizing, trimming or constant replacing. They survive all sorts of harsh weather conditions and will not decompose or deteriorate. They will maintain its density and colour, no two rocks will be identical providing a beautiful bed of varying shapes, sizes and textures.

Green Coral / Bonsai Rocks are popularly used for aquariums, ponds and aquascaping. They have coves and crevices making it perfect for your pet fish to swim through and around. They are also used to compliment bonsai designs and create beautiful homes for the plants.

Green Coral Rock Size Varies

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