Barn Wood Vinyl Planks -$10 sqm


  • 100 % Water Proof
  • Scratch Guard Protection
  • Matt Natural Finish
  • Non-Slip
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Zero-Shrinkage
  • Sound Proof

Quantity Per m2



Barn Wood Vinyl Planks are the most cost-effective flooring solution that is also easy to DIY and maintain. The vinyl planks can be glued down on any surface, so no underlay is required. As long as your subfloor is dry and level, our vinyl planks will attach seamlessly.

The flexible planks have a beautiful natural wood design that will add the same elegant touch without the price of hardwood. They are a hygienic choice for the family, as the planks do not harbour bacteria like real timber. The planks are waterproof, making it super easy to clean up spills and stains. You will find that they are much more comfortable and have a warm underfoot

There are many different vinyl flooring options on the market, so it is always important to understand what you are buying. Smiling Rock Vinyl Planks, as the name suggests are vinyl attached to planks instead of a sheet, making for a more durable alternative that is easier to lay. You do not need to worry about the vinyl curling up over time.

Plank Size: Length 1.219 x Width 0.2m
Thickness: 2 mm

$10 sqm on SALE

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