6 mm Cuppocino Luxe Hybrid Floors

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  • 100 % Water Proof
  • Scratch Guard Protection
  • Class 33 Heavy Commercial Use
  • High Stability
  • Phthalate Free
  • Shrinkage
  • Integrated Underlay

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Argent Oak Luxe Range Hybrid Floors as the name suggests is a hybrid between laminate and vinyl plank flooring. The luxe range is a heavy commercial grade quality (Class 33), designed to withstand more weight and foot traffic unlike any other hybrids. It’s core is stronger and denser, and the body thicker. It uses the highest grade of SPC to ensure maximum durability. The print quality is of the highest calibre to ensure crystal clear and sharp timber textures. It has a smooth grained finish that is pleasant to the touch. The luxe range is undeniably premium.

Uses the latest innovation in the flooring industry to make the timber waterproof. That means you are safe to use them in your bathroom, laundry or kitchen without fear of it moulding, harbouring bacteria from the moisture or compromising it’s form.

DIY Friendly
A clicking system that ensures all the floorboards stay in place and do not shift over time.

The luxe Hybrid Floor range comes attached with a soft underlay backing that saves you time and ensures a seamless level installation. The pre installed underlay will reduce noise and provide additional underfoot comfort. They are the ideal option to maintain thermal insulation within the household.

Scratch Guard Protection
Like our laminate flooring, it includes a coat that possesses the durability and scratch resistance. Do not worry about pets nails or wear from daily activities.

Easy to Clean
They are water proof! So it’s easy to wipe away any dirt or liquid without fear of staining.

Weather Resistance
Will  expand or shrink in the heat. The floors are designed to withstand harsh climates and moisture.

 Hybrid Floor Size:

Plank: 1.524m x 230 / 1200 x 180 mm
Thickness: (4mm + 2 mm IXPE  pre -attached ) /0.5mm wear layer  

Per Carton: 

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