Outdoor Pavers Perth

Natural stone paving is known to be amongst the most luxurious and refined of all paving materials. Materials such as travertine, sandstone and granite have been used for centuries in the building and construction industry as they’re extremely versatile and durable. With the huge range of colours, shapes and sizes of natural stone paving available, it will give any property added value and appeal.

Granite Paving

Granite paving is now increasingly common in the landscapes and design industry in Australia, be it domestic or commercial properties. Due to its versatility as a natural stone and the wide range of available colours, it is able to blend well with the natural environment, yet still allows for personal creativity so that you can design your own unique and elegant space.

There are many benefits to granite paving. It is low maintenance, and ideal for use near pools and in alfresco areas due to it being hardwearing. Its rough surface allows for a durable slip-resistant product that is stain, chip, scratch and wear resistant, and with high traffic tolerance. Our superb range of pavers are available in a wide range of colours and ultimately blends in well in any surroundings.

Travertine Pavers Perth

One reason that travertine is such a popular flooring choice is due to its resemblance to marble. This allows travertine to be installed in just about any space in your home which aims for a more luxurious feel.

Travertine stone also has natural veining which is a unique one-of-a-kind pattern, and allows it to create a bold look in your home. Another advantage of having travertine floors is, not only does it stay cooler in the heat, but it can be cut and shaped easier than porcelain or marble. Hence making the installation process less difficult than some other flooring materials, which is particularly important if it’s a DIY installation project.

With different patterns and colours ranging from off white to darker shades of beige, you can customise the look you’re after with Travertine floors.

Sandstone Paving Perth

Perfect for adding eye catching texture and appeal, Smiling Rock offers durable and unique sandstone paving supply and installation solutions for Perth home and business owners. Offering a visual like no other material, sandstone pavers can add a layer of definition, a pop of colour and character to both interior and exterior space.

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