Low maintenance FOREVER!
No Weeding; No Watering; No Mowing; No Fertilizing
100% Family and Pet Friendly
100% Lab Tested and Certified Chemical Free
100% Lab Tested and Certified UV protected; No Fading
Perfect Healthy Looking Lawn All Year Round
High Traffic Tolerance
Allergy Free; No Mess from Mud, Dust or Prickles

These are some common questions we are asked:
Is artificial grass good…?
Why go artificial grass when there is real lawn…?
It costs so much to buy some at the start, I simply can’t afford it…can I?
It gets hot during summer, it can’t be safe…?
Will it fade? It is plastic after all…

Let’s discuss.


Synthetic turf won’t have to be watered every day during summer besides the occasional hosing down pet discharge, debris or to get rid of dirt. You can say good-bye to forking out $$ to pay for water bills, lawn mowers, fertilizers and/or paying a gardener to look after your grass for you. The famous quote ‘Money never sleeps’. It’s true that an individual can never stop rolling in the cash, but can an individual buy back time? Time is priceless and to many, it is the most important asset that one could have. With Artificial Lawn installed, you are investing in time for you and your family. Instead of spending it all on maintaining your garden, mowing the lawn, weeding the lawn and trying to make it look decent every single week, you can now spend that extra time with your loved ones. Enjoy having an evergreen luscious artificial grass.

You could play cricket, footy, soccer, tennis, mini golf put put, have a casual picnic or barbie and much more as there are endless possibilities with artificial grass.


Synthetic Lawn is designed to last, given the advances of manufacturers and technology today. Families with kids and dogs can run around and play on the lawn any time of the day without having to worry that it tears or the turf will peel off. Because it is made from synthetic yarn, it is good for people with low tolerance or allergies to grass, pollen or pesticides. Make sure when purchasing your artificial grass, it is certified. This means the supplier has a certification, i.e. black and white paper proving that the artificial lawn has been lab tested chemical free, and UV guaranteed so it doesn’t fade in colour. One of the biggest concern is that artificial grass gets too hot during summer. This is in fact true and unavoidable,as at the end of the day it is made out of plastic. Whoever sells artificial grass and says it doesn’t get hot when it is 45 degrees outside is simply being untruthful. However this small issue is easily solved by using your garden

hose and very lightly sprinkling over your artificial lawn installed garden before using it during the hot summer, wait for a minute or two for the water to evaporate and the grass will be dry and cool. Also should the synthetic fibres start to look a little flat, you may want to brush the fibres or add more sand to ensure the fibres stand straight. Just ensure that the sand is evenly distributed throughout the yard, particularly at high-traffic areas.


Your neighbours will envy you and ask where you get your artificial grass. Well no one can blame them when you have the best looking garden in the whole street whilst spending the least time and money on it. Artificial grass now have so many options and caters to each individuals personal taste on which type looks as good as the real deal, providing a lush look no matter the weather condition.

Artificial Grass is made for water conservation, low maintenance and all year round green grass. It is very easy to install, looks very natural, not harmful to humans or pets and is friendly to the environment. Below are a few tips to lengthen the life span of your artificial grass through simple maintenance and care.


Harsh Chemicals such as harsh cleaners should be prevented from coming in contact with your artificial grass.
Organic materials like animal waste, animal food and dead bugs should be removed on a regular basis either by hand or use of any brush.
Dead leaves building up may also break down and release corrosive chemicals or encourage weeds to grow. Use of a leaf blower or a non-heavy-duty rake is recommended.
Detergent and water is your best friend when encountering stains from coffee, tea, alcohol, soft drinks, milk, ice cream, blood, fruit juice, dyes, urine, butter, any sauces or other waterborne stains. Make sure to use water to rinse off any detergent residues.
White vinegar mixed with water (50/50 ratio) can remove stench from pets. Pet odour varies due to animals’ diet and type so there is no single fool proof way to handle this fully. We encourage you to do whatever works for you and your pets.
Dust and pollen stains are rare as it rains but it can build up over time during summer. They can be removed easily by hosing down with water.

Cigarette burns and smouldering charcoal can damage your artificial turf. Avoid smoking or having a barbeque on top of your artificial lawn.
Weed killers such as Round Ups should be used when necessary to keep those weeds away, if there are any.
Follow these few tips and you’ll be enjoying an all year round perfectly green garden!

When it comes to such a huge area to landscape, installing artificial grass or even just the workload and time consumption required to plan this process can seem like a daunting task.

Not to worry! Follow these easy and simple 4-step guide for installing artificial lawn and you’ll be looking down proudly at your new awesome backyard in no time. Once completed, Smilingrock would also like to welcome you to the Fake Grass Club!




Once you have marked out the area for your new synthetic lawn, remove the existing lawn and soil to a depth of 70mm, ready to fill with 60mm of blue metal dust. If prepping for a car traffic area (verge) clear the area to a depth of 100mm ready to fill with 80mm of road base, and 10mm of blue metal dust. If reticulation is present it is simply a matter of capping each pop up sprinkler.

Tip: It is well worth hiring a turf-cutter if you have existing lawn to remove which will save you a considerable amount of time and effort. Don’t forget to hire a skip bin for the disposal of the soil and leftover aggregates.

Calculating the correct amount of aggregate to order is simple.
For example: Total area = 40sqm.
Multiply 40 x 60 = 2400, which calculates to 2.4 cubic metres. The same equation applies to bin size.


Compacting The Base For Synthetic Lawn. Fill the area with blue metal dust. (Note that it will compact down to 50mm). Carefully screed the area and thoroughly compact it using a vibrating plate compactor. Lightly dampen with water to help bind the dust and this will allow you to see any low areas, which will need to be filled as you go. Compact a second time.

Tip: Spend extra time on the base work as the result will be the difference between an average installation job and a professional installation! Try to give the area some contour and body because an overly flat lawn can look “fake”.


Synthetic lawn is manufactured with the fibres aligned in a single direction. It is very important to ensure the grain is running in the same direction when laying out the full pieces of lawn. Cut the lawn to the desired shape using a sharp Stanley knife. Invariably there will be joins where the pieces meet. You will need to ensure that the seams are cut as close to the “rib” or “grain” to allow for better placement of the two pieces when joining later.

First, lay the lawn down and cut, leaving about 50mm around all the edges before placing the lawn together so that the joins are not visible. Allow a gap of about 10-20mm between pieces for best results. This can vary slightly from one lawn to another. Stand back and take a look before joining together. Trust your eyes!

Now that you are happy with everything fold back each piece about 400mm and lay the joining tape (silver side facing down) down the centre of the two pieces. Using lawn pins anchor the tape down at each end. Peel off the protection tape and simply place the two pieces back together.

Once done, trim all the edges (Again remember to leave 10-20mm excess), pin around the outside edges 30mm in and 500mm apart. Also pin the joins for extra strength.

Tip: Take care not to trap the blades of lawn under the pins.


Great Looking Synthetic LawnBrush the lawn up with a stiff garden broom, brushing against the grain. Spread the washed white sand over the lawn as evenly as possible either by hand or shovel. Aim for a depth of 5-10mm depending on the pile height of the lawn. Brush again to distribute the sand evenly. Job well done!

Tip: The sand infill is so important so don’t compromise. Not only does it improve the look of the lawn but also more importantly it protects the backing from the UV rays.


It will only take a minute of your time, and it will definitely benefit you.

There are so many artificial grass suppliers and installers who are advertising supply and/or supply and install:

30mm artificial grass for $xx/sqm
35mm artificial grass for $xx/sqm
and so on where the prices are really low or claiming to be the best quality….Artificial grass is a long-term investment, and for it to last a long time it has to be up to scratch.

However people who buy it DO NOT realise that, or know what to check for:
The quality of the turf, paper proof of UV guarantee or if the product will be able to handle the harsh Australian Climate Conditions. (Actual facts and proof that it is UV guaranteed for 6/7 years)
The turf density (Stitch rate, thickness and how much material is actually used).
Whether it is actually tested and proven to be safe for health, will it deteriorate? (For family and pets)
Type of backing and what it is made of? (PP; PU; Woven etc)
Yarn Colours and Yarn Type (For it to look as natural as possible). These are the things we are trying to make people aware of and help people to understand. You want to do it once, and that is it!
Smilingrock can guarantee that the artificial turf sold is made to Australian Standards. Many will try to sell you or say AUSTRALIAN made turf is better than all CHINESE made turf. Sure, that may be true to some extent and to some turf importers/sellers who aren’t educated in this field. But we can assure and we can show/educate/challenge any samples brought in to us that our artificial grass will either be the same or better for a much lower price.

Ultimately we urge people to NOT automatically believe what everyone says, and to check samples out for yourself. Smilingrock only supplies INTERNATIONAL standard grade synthetic turf and we pride ourselves on delivering optimal quality for the absolute lowest reasonable prices. Pop into our yard and display at 23, Excellence Drive Wangara 6065 Western Australia – Grab a free sample and you can see for yourself.


Double Rubber Backing: PP (Polypropylene) + PE (Polyethylene)
Stitch Gaps: <10mm Water Drainage Holes: Every 10cm
Yarn Types: Straight Yarn (Emerald Green and Dark Olive Green)
Curly Yarn (Light Yellow and Green)Stitch Rate: Optimal


Using products such as limestone, standard concrete bricks, slate, sandstone, travertine and granite; paving is a necessary aspect at some point in everyone’s home project, For your diverse home landscaping needs, there are multiple reasons to utilize the added value and beauty of natural stone pavers over poured concrete/limestone, or using standard paving bricks or man-made synthetic stone. Below are 5 key reasons to use natural stone paving.


Whatever your project requires and wherever your inspiration guides you, pavers provide versatility in material, functionality, and design. One major aspect in every household project is the driveway; homeowners can do better than the average concrete slab or poured asphalt model. Project examples: Patios, pools, walkways, and pavilions. Paving shape ideas: Interlocking, basket weave, rectangular, oblong, and square.


Natural stone paving will still require some simple maintenance. Simple requirements like sealing the stone (depending on stone type) and regular sweeping and washing off debris or spillage are recommended to ensure your pavers will stay durable and strong for years to come. This is the same for any concrete paving or poured liquid limestone.


Natural Stone Pavers are very durable, easy to maintain, versatile to be used anywhere and safe to use. Using natural products gives you the options to be very creative and create any design styles that comes to your mind. It emphasises the uniqueness of an individual’s character and adds a personal touch to your beautiful and functional home. One of the benefits of natural stone pavers is its limitless colours ranging from chocolate brown, creamy brown and rusty grey to snow white, turquoise green, chestnut red and much much more. There’s no better feeling than walking out to your outdoor living feeling like you’ve just walked into paradise, with a garden step path to your beautiful backyard.


There are endless design possibilities with natural stone pavers. There’s no set plans or ideas as there’s no end to how many design and patterns an individual can create. To get your own ideas started, or for some inspiration, click here


Natural Stone Pavers can tolerate high-traffic, any weather conditions and it is three times stronger than man made concrete. They move in unison with the earth’s movement unlike poured liquid limestone or washed aggregate, therefore mitigating the chances of any cracking and/or damages from occurring.

For external paving, the Australian minimum standards require natural stone pavers to be at least 30mm thick.