We want all customers to get the most out of our products, including families. The polyethylene fibres that compose our luscious lawns are an overall friendly surface, ideal for human interaction. Whilst friendly to our families and pets, our turf will not host parasites such as ticks and fleas. The slick, artificial surface is inhabitable and unattractive for pests. The absence of vermin prevents the need for deadly pesticides, creating a safe area for pets and people.

Moreover, Artificial turf maintains a flat and fair surface across the border. Unlike real lawn, our turf does not develop depressions or holes over time, preventing tripping hazards. Flat surfaces also promote sport, leisurely activities and outdoor gatherings. Our artificial turf is predominantly allergen free as the structure is composed of non-toxic materials. Smiling rock remains loyal to the planet and our customers. Unlike many companies, Smiling Rock does not use turf pellets as infill as it is both toxic and a cause of many health concerns regarding young children and athletic activity.

Artificial grass is often criticized for the dependency on turf pellets, better known as ‘crumb rubber’. The infamous substance, when in abundance, is rough, causing burns, abrasions and other injuries caused by friction. Smiling Rock values, the health of customers by using a non-toxic and friendly alternative. Our substitute is soft white sand that can maintains grass standing firm, whilst maintaining a safe and eco-friendly mind-set. The use of white sand rather than rubber crumbs rids your garden of potential toxic hazards dangerous to children and pets.