Here at Smiling Rock, sustainability is the mindset of our future. We are onboard, embracing this within a commercial housing context. Created from the by-products of the logging industry, Timber wood is gentle on the trees that grow on our earth. With new technology, our product has the potential of being 100% recyclable. With the right care, Timber laminate is the best choice for you, your home and our planet.

No dangerous chemicals

Although an artificially produced product, Timber laminate is far from emitting harsh substances into your household. Timber laminate is categorized as a ‘floating floor’, this simply implies that there are no adhesives required during the installation process. Additionally, the impervious surface requires little cleaning beyond soap and water for the occasional stubborn stain. As the installation of the product and the product itself are free of dangerous chemicals, Timber laminate is friendly flooring for everyone.

A friend until the end

Timber laminate’s eco-conscious structure offers much in the way of recycling. The durable floorboards are installed without the use of adhesives thus, they are removable and reusable. However, beyond the reusability of this commodity, Timber Laminate can be recycled at the end of its service life. The High-density fibreboard (HDF) is made from recycled sawdust that is heavily compressed, coated with eco-friendly resin. In short, our product is recyclable, with 85% of the contents being reused for another long life service as timber laminate. Smiling rock offers many different colours, shapes and sizes for you to choose from, however, they all guarantee the same eco-friendly mindset.