Smiling Rock’s Astro Turf’s Eco-friendly perks

At Smiling Rock, we want our outwards approach to put a smile on our customers as well as our planet. Artificial turf may seem like an opposition to organic life, however the installation of our turf will greatly contribute to water conservation. One square metre of authentic lawn requires 1500 litres of water per annum, totals to an astounding 45000 litres yearly for the average lawn. Our artificial lawn won’t require a drop of water and guarantees a luscious appearance all year round. Using Smiling Rock turf will reserve our nation’s supply of water and greatly reduce your water bills.

We strive to contribute to an Eco-friendly mindset and we don’t tolerate the reliance of toxic substances. Our low maintenance turf does not require the use of harmful pesticides to aid in its care. These toxic substances are harmful to small ecosystems as well as families and pets as they can kill organisms through a process known as volatilization. The process of vaporised poisons can enter human airways, causing disease. Turf eliminates the dependency on pesticides, as the polyethylene stems are mostly uninhabitable for pests and unwanted weeds.

Our Eco-friendly qualities pair with our ability to cater towards those who don’t have time to commit to lawn care. Organic lawn maintenance contributes to carbon emission as the use of lawnmowers require diesel to operate. At Smiling Rock, we ensure that we use the newest durable substances that have a forward-thinking mindset towards being 100% eco-friendly.  All this, while being affordable. Synthetic lawn maintains its health-looking length throughout its lifetime before being recycled elsewhere if removed. Artificial turf will ultimately reduce your carbon footprint.