Artificial Grass / Synthetic Turf

This product that has been gaining ground compared to natural grass due to its several advantages. There is a wide range of fake grass products that can be more or less convenient depending on the use it will receive. There are different variations of quality, colour, appearance, texture, density, etc. Because the installation of artificial grass usually requires an upfront investment, there are a few things to ask yourself. Most importantly, “How to have the best artificial grass”?

At Smiling Rock, we are professionals in the distribution, in order to get the best Artificial Grass, we recommend to take into account the following:

The use it will receive:

It is important to take into consideration the amount of traffic the grass will have. For example, whether it is a garden with a swimming pool, a play area for children or pets, sports areas, etc. This is essential in order to define its height, texture, strength, durability, etc.

Filaments height:

The height will depend on its use and can go from 10mm to 45mm pile. If you are going to install the grass as a carpet for a stand in a restaurant or in a ceremony, it is advisable to keep it short so people can move more easily on it. If you more or a natural look, it is advisable the grass to have a higher height.


A fine and soft grass is subtler but is also more delicate and less durable. This is feature should also be taken into account when choosing artificial grass.


Generally, the artificial grass comes in rolls of 2m; 3.75m and 4m width. This particularity is important as during the planning stage, you could avoid paying for many wastage/offcuts if the sizing is spot on.


The trajectory and prestige of the company that distributes and installs the product, as well as the warranty it offers on the product and the installation work are critical. At Smiling Rock we have 100% Australian Standard Artificial Grass. Brought directly from the factory to ensure the highest possible quality standards, the most affordable prices and to provide a 5 to 8year warranty dependant on which synthetic grass chosen.

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