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How to have the best Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass / Synthetic Turf This product that has been gaining ground compared to natural grass due to its several advantages. There is a wide range of fake grass products that can be more or less convenient depending on the use it will receive. There are different variations of quality, colour, appearance, texture, density, etc. [...]

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Smiling Rock’s Artificial Grass Experience

Our artificial turf isn’t just a product but an experience. The broad range is to cater to anyone, anywhere at any time in an instant. Here at Smiling Rock, we look towards the future, encouraging a green and clean outlook in an everchanging world. From the dog lovers to the athletically inclined, there's something for [...]

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Spring Range Artificial Grass

Spring Range Our premium ‘Spring 40’ is both efficient and effective. The Astro turf is composed of fibers varying in length and width for a natural size. Additionally, it is coloured with variable shades of green and brown to replicate the colour scheme of an authentic lawn. Our Spring 40 is ideal for unpredictable weather-prone [...]

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Inherit all the benefits with our Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring Inexpensive- Very high-end premium vinyl materials can cost as little as $16 per square meter (Assuming buying from a wholesaler). Though this is still less expensive than premium flooring choices, such as stone. The difference in price of resilient vinyl products is determined by the quality of the material and the design options [...]

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Eco-Friendly Classic Oak Timber Laminate

Sustainability Here at Smiling Rock, sustainability is the mindset of our future. We are onboard, embracing this within a commercial housing context. Created from the by-products of the logging industry, Timber wood is gentle on the trees that grow on our earth. With new technology, our product has the potential of being 100% recyclable. With [...]

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Is Smiling Rock Family-friendly?

WE SAY YES! We want all customers to get the most out of our products, including families. The polyethylene fibres that compose our luscious lawns are an overall friendly surface, ideal for human interaction. Whilst friendly to our families and pets, our turf will not host parasites such as ticks and fleas. The slick, artificial [...]

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Smiling Rock strives to be Eco-friendly

Smiling Rock's Astro Turf's Eco-friendly perks At Smiling Rock, we want our outwards approach to put a smile on our customers as well as our planet. Artificial turf may seem like an opposition to organic life, however the installation of our turf will greatly contribute to water conservation. One square metre of authentic lawn requires [...]

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DryStone Wall Feature Magic

Stacked Stone Cladding It's great when our customers send us pictures of the final results after using our products. This customer used the stacked stone cladding they bought from Smiling Rock and clearly it's working it's magic. On the left you can see the original paint/render work. An old fashioned yellow or beige brick wall, [...]

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Your Artificial Grass VS the neighbours Cheap Synthetic Grass

With the many companies selling Synthetic grass now, how do you know which synthetic grass to purchase? With the current water restrictions and everyones busy everyday lives, artificial grass has never been more popular and in more demand than it is now. Hence why countless of different companies and trades are now offering synthetic grass and [...]

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