Our artificial turf isn’t just a product but an experience.

The broad range is to cater to anyone, anywhere at any time in an instant. Here at Smiling Rock, we look towards the future, encouraging a green and clean outlook in an everchanging world. From the dog lovers to the athletically inclined, there’s something for anyone and everyone. Our artificial turf isn’t just a product, but an experience.

Artificial grass is not here to replace our natural world but to coincide with a world experiencing an ever-growing industrial boom. Astroturf is a flexible, evergreen alternative to authentic lawn, capable of being installed almost anywhere in an instant. In contrast, unlike authentic grass, fake turf does not require natural light to survive, in fact, it thrives in its absence. Low light results in little to no sun damage, ultimately increasing the lifespan of your turf. Smiling Rock’s Astroturf allows an aesthetic enhancement in areas where natural plantation cannot survive. Outdoors or indoors, Smiling Rock has the turf you need to create that pop of lush colour.

Additionally, we do not neglect the individualistic needs of people, maintaining a positive mindset towards being efficient and effective. Our diverse range of turf can extenuate the aesthetic of an authentic lawn whilst maintaining itself throughout its service life of 25 years. With 7 years of UV protection, our customers are guaranteed an evergreen turf that does not fade. Furthermore, our range offers modern cooling and draining technology, designed to withstand harsh and unpredictable weather.
At Smiling Rock, our purpose is to give customers the safest and most efficient experience money can buy.

Amazing job done by DVL Landscapes.